New courses starting on 28th November, 2017 at Saltford Hall

 I offer trial sessions at any time, booking is essential.





Tuesday at 18.15-19.45h and 20.00-21.30h
November 28

December 5, 12, 19
January 9, 16, 23

Thursday at 18.15-19.45h and 20.00-21.30h
November 30

December 7, 14, 21
January 11, 18, 25

Friday at 10.00-11.30h
December 1, 8, 15, 22
January 12, 19, 26

NO classes between the 25th December, 2017 and 7th January, 2018

New courses are starting in November.

In some cl104asses I do have availability for the next unit, starting in the week commencing 7th November and ending on the 20th January, 2017 (no classes between 19th December, 2016 and 8th January, 2017).

For information about times and locations please take a look at the schedule (weekly classes) on this website.
If you would like to book a trial session, or have any further questions, please contact me by email or on my mobile phone.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (half spinal twist)


This asana simultaneously stretches the muscles on the side of the back and abdomen while contracting the muscles on the other side.


It tones the nerves of the spine, makes the back muscles supple, relieves lumbago and muscular spasms, and reduces the tendency of adjoining vertebrae to develop inflammatory problems and calcium deposits. It massages the abdominal organs, alleviating digestive ailments. It regulates the secretions of the adrenal gland, liver and pancreas, and is beneficial for the kidneys.

For beginners and those with stiff bodies or bulky thighs, instead of bending one leg and placing its foot by the side of the buttock, that leg can remain straight. Also, instead of one hand holding the ankle, wrap the arm around the thigh, hugging the knee  to the chest.

The physical awareness is on keeping the spine straight, and on the movement of the abdomen in the final position. Spiritual awareness – on Ajna chakra.

(Asana – Pranayama – Mudra – Bandha, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga  Publications Trust, Munger, India)

Autumn classes.

My Yoga classes resume in the wIMG_20160806_131545eek commencing 19th September, 2016. For further information please take a look at the schedule (weekly classes) on this website.
If you would like to book a trial session, please contact me by email or on my mobile phone. I look forward to seeing you in September.

Garudasana – The Eagle pose.

Garudasana: improves concentration and balance, loosens the joints of the shoulders, strengGarudasana.Eagle.posethens feet, legs and arms; is beneficial for the upper back.

Balance in this position is difficult – “I feel awkward, unsteady, tied in knots.”  And yet, when the posture is achieved, it is possible to concentrate with a single-pointedness that is like the clarity of the eagle’s vision. (Hatha Yoga – The Hidden Language,
Swami Sivananda Radha)